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Case Studies

We have had the wonderful opportunity to work on many varied projects, ranging from single storey rear extensions to complete home redesigns, new build houses and housing developments.  All our projects, however small or large they be, are important to our clients and therefore are important to us.  Here are just a few of our exciting projects, please feel free to come into our offices to look at more of our projects.

Erection of single/two storey side and single/two storey rear extension
This project had an existing brief - a modern extension that complimented a traditional looking home. It was important that the design included a multipurpose living space on the ground floor suitable for entertaining friends and family. It was also important to include the potential for future adaption such as a wet room for use as and when necessary should circumstances change in the future.
The proposed design remains discreet from the front of the house with a traditional finish but the materials used for the rear extensions combined with the first floor set back culminate in a stunning design.
The project presented a challenge in the form of a public sewer running through the site at the rear, but by liaising with Thames Water we came to a solution to maintain a significant separation distance from the foundations to the public drain.
Planning approval was granted February 2016
Location: South Croydon, Surrey
Single storey/two storey front, side and rear extension and internal alterations 


The design brief was clear on this project - to create a bright, modern home with a natural flow through the building.  The existing house was a collection of smaller rooms that did not fit the needs of the family.  The bedrooms were all small and therefore a two storey extension spanning the whole of the rear of the house was proposed to enlarge the bedrooms and create an amazing master suite. The entrance porch area was very dark and the whole house needed to have light and space introduced.  An arboriculturist was consulted on this project and we were able to have the Tree Protection Order removed and new trees installed in the front and rear gardens.


Planning approval was granted February 2015.


Location: Coulsdon, Surrey

Erection of new entrance porch, first floor side/single storey rear extension, formation of raised patio area with storage under


The proposal was to enlarge the living area to create a wonderful open plan kitchen/living area.  On this project we were able to utilizing the steep sloping site to the rear of the property by creating a basement storage area with a raised patio area above.  


Planning approval was granted in May 2013 and Building Regulations approval was granted in June 2013.


Location: Coulsdon, Surrey

Development of four terraced houses


The site was in a very dilapidated condition, in need of complete redevelopment.  The potential profit from the redevelopment was large due to is location.


Our client gave us the instruction to maximise the site's potential and create a development that potential owners would be proud to call home.


Four terraced houses with integrated garages and roof terraces were proposed. This project was undertaken as a feasbilility study for potential new buyers of the site.


Location: SW8, London


Demolition of garage, erection of single/two storey front/side/rear extension


This site posed many design challenges including the site having a different gradient to the neighbouring property, width to the boundary being very tight and solar panels on the neighbouring property. All these constraints to the site and design were incorporated and a wonderful design scheme was achieved with an open plan kitchen/living area, a separate utility room and a first floor bedroom.


Planning approval was granted in December 2012 and Building Regulations approval in March 2013.


Location: Coulsdon, Surrey

New build two bedroom end of terrace


Our client wanted to utilise the space next to their property to create an end of terrace new build two bedroom dwelling.  


Planning approval was granted in March 2014 and Building Regulations approval in September 2014.


Location: Merstham, Redhill, Surrey

Single storey rear extension


Single storey rear extensions are by far the most popular type of extension undertaken by homeowners.  For this project the three generation family needed an enlarged kitchen and a family room. They had large amount garden space so a rear extension was the best option for them.  A modest 4 metre extension was proposed that was designed under the new permitted development guidelines. This proposal was designed to meet both their needs and budget.


Planning approval was granted in October 2013 and Building Regulations approval in early 2014.


Location: Coulsdon, Surrey

Two storey side/rear extension


Creating bedroom space was a necessity for this growing family.  A two storey side/rear extension was proposed. This proposal needed to be carefully designed with many planning constraints in mind as two storey rear extensions, especially to semi detached properties, are generally looked on  unfavourably by Croydon Council.  As we were able to show on our drawings that neighbouring property would not be negatively impacted, either by loss of light or visual intrusion, planning approval was received on the first application.  The extension also had to be cantilevered over the existing sewer running to the rear of the property.


Planning approval was granted in June 2014 and Building Regulations approval in December 2014.


Location: Purley, Surrey

More case studies to follow...
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